Headache Treatment and TMJ Specialist

At Natural Health Chiropractic Sport and Spine, Fort Worth Chiropractor Dr. Brian Saul can offer you the best care for your headaches and TMJ problems. Often times people suffering form headaches not only have Neck and shoulder tension but suffer from milder cases of TMJ disorder that goes undetected. This can make you frustrated and at times you can feel like there is no hope. Our treatment consists of evaluating the Jaw or TMJ, the Spine and also the Skull or Occiput. We then begin to work on the associated muscles involved and have excellent outcomes with our patients. We often Co-Treat with a Dentist if needed and you'll find a reduction in Headaches, tension over the shoulders, and Jaw if the symptoms have gotten bad enough to even feel Jaw pain. Don't just think it's stress either. Often times stress can bring out the symptoms more but the problem is always there. Dr. Brian Saul has had extensive training in this area and has participated in Neuromuscular Dentist seminars on occasion. When choosing Fort Worth Chiropractors check us out first.

Come see the difference we can make in most cases. We offer a free consult and screening for these specific problems. Whether the problem is just an occasional nagging or a severe one with days in bed, missed work, and excessive medication with patchy relief this is a chance for relief. Whether your having headaches and need treatment or suffering from TMJ let us be your Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic Answer.

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