Common Injuries Associated From Sports or Exercise

Often the athlete or avid person with an active lifestyle will have problems associated with their activity. These can be treated most of the time without surgery or needless pain at our clinic. Some common aliments are, shin splints, achilles tendon injuries, ankle instability, "popping and clicking" in the knee, hip flexor issues, and shoulder and arm issues to name a few.

It is important before starting or continuing any activity that you balance muscles within the body to promote normal biomechanical function for the joints to not only prevent injury but avoid causing joint degeneration.

A good example would be in your walking or running gait. When you've had an injury to a specific joint, let's say your knee, at any time in your life you body will adapt to the injury, causing instability and pain in the joints of - in most cases - the contralateral leg or back and extreme cases the effected leg also.

You may have mild to moderate underlying pain with activity when the joints begins to wear out faster. You may begin to "avoid" the activity due to fear of pain or have to alter the activity you do.

Often time people are more active when younger and as the accumilation of mild or severe injuries over the years mount up you feel that you can not do those activities as you previously did.

So whether you an avid runner, triathlete, or just want to go to the gym for health, Natural Health Chiropractic Sport and Spine can help you get to the performance level you desire.

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